I nostri insegnanti

Susan Vermey 

My name is Susan and I have been here in Italy for 3 years.

Teaching is one of the many roles I have been able to enjoy in my working life.

I teach people of all ages , but there is special joy in seeing young ones learn how to communicate in a confident way.

I am a qualified teacher of English as a second language with experience in personal one - to  - one lessons, online and in classroom settings.

In Australia I have taught children in remote islands where English is their second language, and I always aim to make the learning experience fun and engaging.  I put my heart into helping students achieve their goals with a smile on their faces! Here in Italy I especially love the mountains and seeing it snow!   I enjoy bike rides around the many scattered villages nearby and have fallen in love with the idea that cake is on the breakfast menu!

I hope to meet you in our English classes

one day!

Victoria Ologunde

My name is Victoria! I am a teacher at abrakadabra's school of language in Novara.
I am really focused on building as much confidence with my student as i can.
My lesson are always lively, filled with enjoyable activities most importantly abrakadabra's lesson are beneficial to student.
We use various teaching metodologies, flash card, movement game, storytelling, art work to a accomplish the desired goal.
I am always polite to our students and i'm patient
with them.

Daniel Ogundipe

My name is Daniel,i teach English as a second language at abrakadabra's school of language in Novara, and it is a great opportunity for me and the children to have fun while learning a new language.It helps build courage and boldness because learning a new language even as an adult is a challenge, but seeing the children read and speak make me happy.